10 Frequently asked questions

1. When it rains or it is Hot are the dogs kept sheltered?

Yes. Our complex is completely weather proof and in the hot or cold weather the kennels are climate controlled by air conditioning and heaters.

2. Do you walk the dogs during the day?

No. there is not enough time during the day to walk all dogs for the time that they would require. We do have very large exercise yards that we put dogs into during the day.

3. How much time do dogs spend in the exercise yards during the day?

This varies depending on whether it is peak or off-peak and how sociable the dogs are, It is also dependent on the weather. During off-peak times it is possible for the dogs to spend all day out in the exercise yards. During peak times we try to rotate the dogs through the exercise yards at least three times throughout the day.

4. Do you just mix all dogs together and do you put small dogs with big dogs?

We select very carefully which dogs can go together. We generally do not mix big dogs with small dogs unless they live together, occasionally we do have small dogs that prefer to be with big dogs. When we have new dogs going together they are supervised by one of us being in the yard with them until we are satisfied that there will be no problems. Unsociable dogs are exercised on their own by one of us playing with them.

5. Do you take young puppies for Boarding?

Yes, providing that they have had their final vaccination boosters.

6. Do you administer medications?

Yes we will administer medications provided by the owners.

7. Do you cater for special diets?

Yes. Special diets must be supplied by the owner for us to feed to the dog.

8. Do you cater for long term stays?

Yes. We have had dogs stay with us for years at a time. We offer big discounts for long term stays.

9. Do you train dogs to be social with other dogs?

Yes. We can help your dog to become more sociable with other dogs, under controlled circumstances, during their stay.

10. Do you address behavioral problems and/or train dogs whilst they are boarding?

Yes we can address behavioral problems while your dog is with us and then we can discuss training solutions with you to work out the best solution for you and your dog because every dog is different and owners require and want different things from their dog.